write a letter to Jack(100 words). In your letter:

ansewer his questions;

ask two questions about his after-school activies.


... I am a sporty person. I train for 20 hours every week. I organise my day properly and tats why i have time for my school work.How do you organise your day? Do you have time for after-school activities ?...


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Hello, dear Jack! I am glad to read this letter. I should express my admiration! You are really cool! I respect people going in for sports! I also try to organise my day. And it's really helpful. I have many hobbies. It's wonderful, when person have no time to engage in idleness! Now I want to tell you about my activies... I am in love with snowboarding!  I can't describe my feelings when I do it! I feel so free, like a bird or a butterflie. I feel myself so strong! And incredibly happy! It's adrenaline! Also I love skating. It's very beautiful. But now I am really in kickboxing! I do my first steps. But I am in love with it. That's amazing to know, that you can beat everyone who hurts you. So.. I have a busy schedule. But I like it. I am proud of myself! :) And Jack, tell me about your after-school activies. Its really interesting theme! I am waiting for your letter :) Good luck, friend!