Составте предложиния из слов
1.a, he, student, is.

2.not, he, schoolboy, is, a.

3.name, Petrov, is, my.

4.pretty,Alice, is.

5.tall, is, your, brother.

6.this, nice, is, house.

7.these, students, at the lesson, are.

8.busy, Kate, is, in the evening.

9..right, are, you, this, is, film, wonderful.

10.Richard, tired, after work, is.

11.they, interested, are, in, mathematics.

12.what, by profession, he is?

13.sentences, wrong, is, this.

14.John, always, in time, is, for the lesson.

15.sister, her, a, girl, is, clever.

16.fond, am, I, of, music.

17.he, afraid, is, dogs, of.

18.his, is, brother, postman, is, a.


Ответы и объяснения


1)he is a student.

2)hi is not a schoolboy

3)my name is Petrov

4)alice is pretty

5)your brother is tall

6)this house is nice

7)these students are at the lesson

8)kate is busy in the evening

9)you are right this film is wonderful

10)richard is tired after a work

11)they are intereted on methematics

12)what is he by profession?

13)this is wrong sentences

14)не знаю

15)her sister is clever

16)i am fond of music

17)he is afreid of dogs

18)his brother is a postman


1. He is a student.

2 He is not a schoolboy.

3 My name is Petrov.

4 Alice is pretty.

5Your brother is tall.

6This house is nice.

7These students are at the lesson.

8 kate is busy in the evening

.9 You are right this film is wonderful.

10Richard is tired after work.

11 They are interested in Maths.

12What is he by profession?

13 These sentences are wrong.

14  her sister is a clever girl.

15 I am fond of music.

16 he is afraid of dogs.

17 his brother is a postman.