Нужно поставить глаголы в Past Simple, в правильной форме и по смыслу, помогите срочнооооо!!!) очень нужно)

find tell watch stop dive cry take solve call go try drop fill feel send

1. She… £10 beneath the sofa. 2. James… to the police to report the incident. 3. He… into the swimming pool twice. 4. He… me the truth. 5. I… the last episode of my favourite TV series yesterday. 6. She… him a present by post. 7. Mary… a lot when she heard the bad news. 8. Brian…the train to London. 9. She… happy when she got her jewels back. 10. Peter… my mother's antique vase. It broke into thousands of pieces. 11. Laura … her mother as soon as she arrived in Paris. 12. He … talking when I walked into the room. 13. She… to stop the thief, but he got away. 14. She… the glass with orange juice. 15. Miss Marple… many mysteries in St Mary Mead.


Ответы и объяснения


1. found

2. went

3. dived

4. told

5. watched

6. sent

7. cried

8. took

9. felt

10. dropped

11. called

12. stopped

13. tried


15. solved