Написать по-английски про взаимоотношения (ваших) родителей и (ваших) друзей. Предложений 5-6, не больше. (p.s: не писать, что можно перевести в переводчике!...нельзя!...там грамматически неверные предложения!)


Ответы и объяснения

I have got very sincere relationships with my mother and father. Then I have got some problems, my parents always help me to deal with it. For example, my mother help me to solve difficult situations with my classmates. I really feel better after talking with her. I like playing football with my father. But most of all I like to go fishing with him. I help my parents, too. I usually do my household chores: I wash the dishes, cook, throw away the gabbage.