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The lottery.

For centuries, different types of lotteries have been organizes in different countries for different purposes. But all have one thing in common. Their promoters have made a lot of money! The first reference to a 'lottery' appeared in the ___. However, it wasn't untl ___ that the first government lottery was organised, and iy took place in ___. In Englabd the lottery arrved shortly after n 1560, during the reign of ___.

Since then lotteres have become an important feature in countries around the world. As well as makng a few lucky people ___, they also rase money for ___ and provide governments with ___.

For example, in 1976, Canada held a lottery to help pay for the ___ in Montreal. The lottery made an amazing ___ - a lot more than the cost of the Game!


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Queen Elizabeth I



extra income

Olympic Games

$200 million