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Rules for pupils (Правила для учеников):

All pupils should wear school uniforms.

Pupils have to keep good discipline.

Pupils are not aloowed to:

have pocket knives at school,

have cigarettes or matches at school,

bring bubble gum to school.

Pupils should come in class on time.

Pupils should address a teacher by title and surname.

Pupils should to be friendly to classmates.

Pupils Have to be ready for class every day.

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Rules for teachers (Правила для учителей):

Teachers should me more friendly to pupils.

Teachers have to teach very well.

Teachers have to help for pupils.

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pupils must respect teachers. 

pupils must wear school uniform. 

pupils must go to school if they are not ill. 

pupils must do their homework. 

pupils mustn't use mobile telephones at school. 

pupils mustn't fight with each other. 



teachers must respect their students. 

teachers mustn't scream at the top of their voices. 

teachers must be rather close to their pupils. 

teachers mustn't give a lot of homework. 

teachers must know their subject very well.