напишите плиз предложения со словами

1. newsagent's

2. florist's

3. shoe shop

4. hair dresser's

5. post office

6. fishmonger's

7. bakery

8. jeweller's

9. chemist's

10. butcher's

11. clothes shop

12. optician's


Ответы и объяснения


1) I bought the magazine in the newsagent

2) florist made a beautiful bunch of flowers for me

3) There are a lot of shoes at the shoe shop

4) Yesterday I visited the hair dresser

5) My mother works at the post office

6) There are a lo of fishmonger's in our town

7) I bought a cupcake at the bakery

8)I want to be a jeweller

9) My father is a chemist

10) butchers need to be careful at there job

11) I saw a beautiful shirt at the clothes shop

12) optician made a beautiful glasses for me 


1.Soon there will be a new newsagent's

2.I went to the florist's

3.I saw a beautiful shoes in the shoe shop

4.I went to the  hair dresser's

5.I went to the post office.

6. I bought a hering in the fishmonger's

7.i like mufens from the bakery

8.I bought a beautiful ring in thejeweller's

9.The chemist's is closed

10.I bought some meat in the butcher's

11.I bought a jacket  in the clothes shop

12.I bought sunglasses in the optician's