помогите пожалуйста глаголы в кобочках поставить в правильное будущее время

A: What you (do) tonight?

B: I (try) to finish my homework because I (go) to my cousin's wedding on Saturday and I (not/be able) to do

it then.

A: What time the wedding (start) on Saturday?

B: The ceremony (begin) at 2 o'clock, then I (go) to the party in the evening.

A: (be) any of your friends there?

B: Well, my cousin says I can bring a friend. You (do) anything on Saturday night?

A: No, but I (feel) shy if I don't know anyone.

B: Never mind. It (be) a big party and I'm sure you (have) a great time.

A: O.K., then. Thanks very much.


Ответы и объяснения


What will you do tonight?

will try      am going                    will not be able

will start

will begin               I will go

Will any of your friends be there?

Are you doing anything

I will feel

will be        you will have