Past Simple or Past Perfect Complete the sentences.Put one verb in the Past Simple and the Past Perfect. a.My friend ____ (give)me a lift because I ___ (miss) the bus.b. When he ____(finish)his homework ,he ____(go)to bed.c.When I got to school ,I.___(realize)that I___(forget)my English book.d.My father took me to Moscow last year.He___(be)there as a student,so he ____(know)his way around.e.I ___(thank)my friend for everything he ___ (do).Горю,помогите пж ,заранее спасибо


Ответы и объяснения


a. gave, had missed

b. had finished, went

c. realized, had forgotten

d. had been, knew

e. thanked, had done


a.gave, b. finished, went. c. realized, forget. d. was, knew, thanks, done