Составить диалог на тему "Шоппинг ", слова должны быть не заумные, а примитив


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-Hi Jack.
-Maybe we can go shopping today?
-Yes. This is good idea! What do you want to buy?
- I want to buy a new t-shirt and jacket. And i hope you can help me with this.
-Yes of course i can help you! Where we can go to buy this?
- In my favorite shop.
- Oh, i know what you are talking about. So let's go?
-Yes, i hope we will have a good time.
-Me too.

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A: Hello can i help you?

B: Yes please, do you have blue jacket size S?

A: Hm... let me see

B: Ok'ay

A:Yes we have a jacket but there is only size M. But we have got a lot of other jackets.Would you like to see them?

B:Yes, of course :)

A: Here look we have the same jacket size S, but it isn't blue it is black

B:Its looking nice. How much does it coast?

A:It's 45 pounds

B:Do you take credit cards?

A:I'm afraid not.

B:That's okay. I'll pay cash, then.