Look and tell about Kaniv. Use the fact file below.

City: Kaniv

Country: Ukraine

River: Dnipro

Not far from: Cherkasy

Places of interest: Uspensky Cathedral, many monuments, Shevchenko grave on Tarasova Hora.

People think of the city as: old, green and beautiful.


Ответы и объяснения


Kaniv is the city in Ukraine on the Dnipro river.It is not far from Cherkasy.Nice places is Uspensky Cathedral,it is stays on the East part of city,near the river.In Kaniv stays many momentums for the Pushkin,Gagarin,Gogol' and for the rock-band "The Beatles".More Interest place is Shevchenko grave it is a historical place.People loves there's city,because it is historical center of the Ukraine,it is old city,it is the most nice city in Ukraina.