Нужно сочинение,срочно!тема:''здоровый образ жизни-ключ к своему счастью''.помогитепожалуйста!


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Speak to win the enemy, it is necessary his(its) know in person. My enemy-laziness. My and my health. So I shall get up with beds as soon as open the eye, and my enemy does not have time to to open their own and offer be else ed. Due to the fact that has got up in time, I have time to продумать its cloakroom, накраситься, put the hairs and even weld itself porridge. As minimum three my organs to me grateful for normal morning meal, and beside me excellent mood since накрашенная girl on heel in beautiful выглаженной blouse better замухрышки with хвостиком and in кроссовках. Here is seventh offer to this subjects: Morning I begin as person, valuing not only its health, but also respecting itself and others. And here is, key phrase my mini-compositions: I not hungry and not irritating, and on me pleasantly to look. The Ideal image of the person, leading sound lifestyle, you agree