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The British Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 49 independent states that have been or still are ruled by Britain. Independent states are «full members of the Commonwealth». Among these states are Barbados, Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Singapore, New Zealand, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Cyprus, etc. Dependent territories (colonies + protectorates) are «Commonwealth countries», among them are Bermuda, Falkland Island, British Antarctic Territory, British Virgin Islands and other. The new Commonwealth has grown out of the old British Commonwealth and British Empire. In the days of the old Commonwealth the only self-governing nations were Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The population of Australia, New Zealand and Canada (except for the French-speaking Canadians of Quebec) was almost entirely of people of British descent. When the old British Commonwealth and the British Empire came to an end with the 2nd World War, the new Commonwealth was born.


I have  a frends called -(здесь напиши имя твоего друга_
She lives Next day
Ihere is no one of my age Icould have as  a  frends
On the whole my frends is consi derate and  a   loya i person
We have similar interests
I thing she is a true friends because never betvay me
We both likes musik and reading
She always tells me your secrets and helps me in home work
Besides is the only one .I can play competer gamess
I think that when you have many friends you dont with know them all well