Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs. a) If I (have) more free time, I (take up) a new hobby. b) I (be) happy with my future job if the working conditions ( be) good . c) If I (work) long hours, I (get ) tired by the end of the week. d) If I (have ) to deal with difficult clients , I (need ) good interpersonal skills. e) If I (want) to be a lawyer , I (have ) to get some qualifications first. f) I (get) a lot of work experience if I (try) some odd jobs in summer. g) I (be) well-paid if my job (be) really dangerous. h) I (be) happy if my future career (involve) creative work.


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a)have,will take up.b)will be,are.C)am working,will get.D)have,will need.E)want,will have.F)will get,try.G)will be,isH)will be, involvs 

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a)had, would take up

b)will be, will be

c)had, would got

d)have, would need

e) want, would have

f) will get, try

g) would be, was

h)will be, involves