Man whom I describing now – my classmates. Perhaps I don`t know he as knows he others, but I have my opinion about he. I met with him the year ago. He was born in 1998, 5th of October. He born and leaves in Saint-Petersburg. He`s young, quite tall and medium build. He has a blue eyes and freckles. His distinctive feature – red hair. He likes Dub Step. His hobby and favorite occupation – FOOTBALL! He has a brother and sister. His sister studied in our school (175). He sometimes hates me. He always pushed me and beats on my thighs! He haven`t pernicious habits. He led a healthy lifestyle. He`s sporty, energetic, humorous, stubborn and selfish. Проверьте пожалуйста!!


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Man whom I describing now – my classmate

He always pushed me and beats on my thighs! - Он всегда толкает меня и бьет по моим бедрам? ты так и хотела написать?

 He led a healthy lifestyle - он вел здоровый образ жизни? он умер?

He sometimes hates me - на счет этого предложения. как то странно сформулировано