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I love my school/It is the place where i feel well.My school is my second home,because there are all my dearest people:my friends,my classmates and my teachers.I love my teachers because they are kind and clever. If we dont understand something ,they will explain and help us.Our teachers are as our parents ,which teach us,bring up and educate us.If you follow teacher's advice you will not make a lot of mistakes.My classmates are very friendly and kind.Sometimes we have some discords,but not for a long time.They always encourage me.when i have difficultes ,they support and help me.Our favourite place is our canteen.There we have dinner and eat delicious buns.Canteen is the only place where we get together.I go to school with pleasure.And i think my classmates too.School helps us to find our way in the future.It learn us to overcome the life's obstacles.