Помогите с заданиями

1)Write questions to the following answers:(где цифры написать вопросы)
1. — When ?
—Ann? She usually leaves home at 7.30.
2. — Do ?
— Reading newspapers? No, I don’t. I think it’s boring!
3. — Who ?
— I usually clean the house and my mother does the washing-up.
4. — How often ?
— Very seldom. I don’t like cinema.
5. — Look! What ?
— Playing cards, I think.
6. — Does ?
— By car? No, she usually goes to the University by bus.
7. — What ?
— I think she’s making some salad.


Example: I love going shopping.
I don’t like going shopping.
I hate (dislike) going shopping.

Write the opposite to the following sentences:(Написать как по образцу)
1. I enjoy going to parties.
2. She likes playing basketball and other ball games.
3. My parents love travelling.
4. My younger brother enjoys riding a bicycle.
5. My friend and I enjoy going to discos and listening to music.


Ответы и объяснения


1.when does Ann usually leave home?

2.do you think reading newspapers is interesting?

3 who usually clean the house?

4.how often do you go to cinema?

5.what is she doing?

6.does she go to the university by car?

7.what is she doing?