Помогите написать сочинение на английском на тему:"Happend with me". История о том, как что-то случилось, но всё закончилось, и история заканчивается счастливым концом. Пожалуйста срочно нужно 10 предложений


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As I understand happiness
      Each person understands happiness in own way. For one it is measured, quiet and full life, others, on the contrary, look for happiness in adventures and thrills.
      For me the happiness is a knowledge something new, pleasure by process of obtaining new information. Sometimes it seems to me that on it in days for me there are no hours. It is a pity to me to waste time on a dream: HOW MANY new it would be possible to learn still!
      New to me is both books, and films, both music, and travel, exhibitions and concerts. New to me is and people who surround me. Everyone is interesting in own way, everyone can teach you to something. And it is unimportant, how many among them good and how many bad people - all of them help to understand a motley mosaic of world around, learn to be kinder or more careful, is more critical or is more indulgent.
      The main thing - all this learns us to live!