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I have not very big family but we live in happy. I have a little brother, he is 6. I prefer to play with him. One times on week we go o the cinema or to the park and spend a cool time together. My parents isn't angry. They don't beat and cry on me so i love them very much.

  • marsyu
  • почетный грамотей

My family - a father, mother, grandmother, brother and me. We are different, but always try to understand each other and help in difficult times.
   Dad short, strong build, brown eyes, dark hair - blond. Dad grew up in a large family. He works in the police.
  During the service was given the award of "Excellence in the police", the medal "For Distinguished Service." He is a caring father, a quiet man.
   My mom is young and pretty. She has light - brown eyes, brown hair. She is a very kind person, always help, support, spare.
   Grandmother have the difficult portion. My older brother Pavel, studying in tenth grade. He enjoys computer. After the eleventh class wants to go to school to be a programmer.
   I, Nicholas, I'm learning in the fifth grade and the music school "accordion". Doing quite well, but not perfectly. I love to play football.
    That 's my family - a strong, successful and friendly. I love all my friends and relatives.