напишите ответ на письмо пожалуйста)) hi! im a holiday now and will be able to come to see you in a couple of days. i can stay at your place for a week or so, if you do not mind it of course! i do not feel like dragging lots of luggage with me, so could you give me some idea of what clothes i should take to feel neither sweaty nor cold? what kind of weather are you having? and what stuff could you recommended me have be appropriately dressed for any occasion? see you very soon ? juli


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  • toby
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Hello!of course i don't mind! I really want to see you , dear friend! i have so cold weather in my country , and I think that you should take some warm clothes  ,  if u don't want to be ill . that's why I recommend you to dress warmer than always . See you later !bye July , Good luck!