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I read a lot of books. I especially like the works of adventures and magic, any čarodeâh, fairies and magical things. My favorite book is "volshebnik izumrudnogo goroda". Wrote Alexander Volkov. More specifically, I love the whole series of books about the adventures of a girl Ellie in the magic country. This includes "Urfin jus and his wooden soldiers, Seven underground kings".

I like books about the magic of the imagination with which they are written. They come alive, even inanimate objects. Tin Woodman walks and said wooden soldiers go to war. Even stuffed Scarecrow, crowded with straw, is very intelligent and resourceful.

Flying Monkeys heard the owner of the Golden Hats, and the Queen of the mice is the sound of a magic whistle. In the finale of "the wizard of the Emerald City," a wonderful Silver shoes carry Ellie airlifted back home to Kansas.