Complete an essay on how people feel about globalization.

The globalization process is a very controversial and debatable issue. Does it do good or harm to ordinary people? The are different opinions about it. Supporters of the global world believe that.........(дописать)

Anti-globalists' arguments are convincing too. ........(дописать)

The debates between globalists and anti-globalists are likely to continue in the near future. The issue is very controversial and there are losts of arguments for and againsts the process. Globalisation, meanwhile, is progressing and seems to be turring into an irreversible process.


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... technologies help us to make our life better and scientific researches would help us to solve problems connected with environment and ecology. At other they would help us to feel more comfortable and relaxing.

...They think that industry makes our environment dirtier and dirtier, a lot of fumes and pollution are produced by factories, which make people unhealthy and it is a reason for lung diseases.