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Тут много чего можно написать. Давайте возьмем,к примеру, Мадонну - будто бы она Вас вдохновляет, а то я же не знаю,кто Вас вдохновляет!


Madonna is a huge star. She is an idol for me. Not just because she is worldwide famous,but because she is truly talented and she is also so inspiring. She inspires me to believe in myself and always stand for what I want. Madonna is the person who inspires me, she is so independent and so confident herself, thats what i aspire to be alike. She never cared and still never does care what people might think of her clothes or her hair, her music videos, her songs, her shows and her personality itself. Thats what i want to develop in myself, because nowadays its really difficult to stay away from people's opinions and not to pay any attention. So, Madonna just perfectly shows her ability to move on and not to get stuck between all the hatred she gets. She is a true inspiration to millions! Thats what no one would ever take from her. Madonna is the QUEEN of POP. Thats true, and actually thats not what i want to be, but she inspires me to become someone who I really want to be. That matters.