помогите пожалуйста поставить глагол в скобках в правильное будущее время

26. We (go) to visitEstonia this summer. We've already received the visas.

27. As soon as I (hear) the results I (let) you know.

28. Supposing it (snow). What we (do)'?

29. Look at the sun! It (go) to be a hot day tomorrow.

30. When they (find out) about this, there (be) trouble. 31.1 was sure he (be late).

32. When the train (arrive) tomorrow night?

33. He felt that he (have) to count on himself only.

34. They told us they (go) to the States in three weeks.

35. You (work) late tomorrow night?

36. This parcel looks heavy. I (take) it to the post office for you.

37. Can you meet Jack at the station, please? He (arrive) at nine o'clock on the train fromOxford.

38. Quick! The museum (close) in a quarter of an hour.

39. It is still raining so I think I (have) to take an umbrella.

40. They assured us that we (not/regret) if we (join) them in the disco.

41. You (have) to stay at home until you (get) rid of your bad cough.

42. According to the weather forecast snow (fall) by the end of December.

43. Autumn has come. The trees (lose) their leaves in a few weeks.

44. They (not/go) to the football match tomorrow, because they (work) at that time.

45. He told me that when he (be) in Japan for five years he (write) a book.

46. By the time you (get) back, Simon (leave).

47 Please, don't wear indoor shoes in the gymnasium, or you (damage) the floor.

48. What you (say) if you (see) her?

49 The Stones (be) married for thirty years in May.

50. I have to be back at 3.30, so I (leave) before lunch.

51 By the end of the month she (work) in this company for three years.

52. Why don't you come with us? We (go) to have a lot of fun.

53. I (take) my exams on Monday so I think I (stay) in on Saturday night.


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26. are going.

27. hear, will let.

28. is snowing, do we do.

29. is going.

30. find out, will be.

31. was late.

32. arrives.

33. had.

34. are working.

36. will take.

37. is arriving.

38. closes.

39. will have.

40. would have not regretted, had joined.

41. have, get.

42. will be falling.

43. will lose.

44. will not go, will be working.

45. had been, had written.

46. get, will leave.

47. will damage.

48. will say, see.

49. will have been.

50. am leaving.

51. will have been working.

52. are going.

53. am taking, will stay.