пожалуйста помогите написать сочинение на тему "школа моей мечты" по английскому


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  • uxert
  • середнячок

The most important years of his life a person spends in school. It is here that he finds true friends, determined to choose their hobbies, first encounters with life's difficulties and enjoying their first victories. School for a long time remain in everyone's heart lighter stage of life.

I'm lucky because I'm in a wonderful first school. For nine years, I have every morning happy to open the school door and dip into the colorful, noisy, Wailing in every possible world. Is a world of students and teachers, with each somewhere in a hurry. I feel like having crossed the threshold of the school, is in this thread and I swim, observing its direction. I was not feeling that I have a little bit of the big body, which is called SCHOOL.

At my school, I love it! Like the narrow stairs, round wooden railings, bright classrooms, but most of all - people. We have a wonderful teacher! They do not spend their lessons, each trying to interest his subject. All together and each teacher individually teaches us not only be a formula to prove the theorem, write the chemical reactions due to our teachers, we realize the most important science: to be honest, kind, good at talking, really friends.