Write the sentences in your exercise-book.1.Monday/musik/listen/on/i/to.2.saturday/computer/play/on/games/i.3.for/on/you/do/saturday/a walk/go.4.a bike/you/ride/on/do/Thursday/5.roiier-skate/with/i/friend/my.6.TV/we/Friday/on/watch


Ответы и объяснения

  • saraa
  • середнячок

1. I listen to music on monday.

2.  I play computer games on saturday.

3. I go for a walk on saturday.

4. Do you ride a bike on thirsday?

5. I roller skate with my friends

6. We watch TV on friday. 


1) I listen to music on Monday.

2) I play computer games on Saturday.

3) Do You go for a walk on Saturday?

4) Do You ride bike on Saturday?

5) I rollerskate with my friend.

6) We watch TV on Friday.