Помогите составить рассказ на английском языке на тему мой город Москва


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My name is ___ and I’m ___ years old. I live in Moscow. It is the capital of Russia and the biggest city of the country. My city is very beautiful. All tourists of our city always want to visit Red Square. The main sight of this square is the Kremlin Palace and mausoleum named after V. Lenin. Also you can see the Spasskaya Tower and visit the Armoury and diamond fund. There are a lot of museums in Moscow. I like to go to the State Tretyakov Gallery and watch the paintings. My city is rich in cultural places. There are a lot of theatres, showrooms and concert halls in Moscow. I visited Bolshoi Theatre with my parents. The performance was very exciting and I was full of unforgettable impressions. Many people think that Moscow is noisy city but there are a lot of quiet parks and public gardens in it. I love my city very much because it is fine and majestic. I’m proud of my city and I’m glad that I live here.


Moscow is the capital and largest city in Russia, located in the center of European Russia, the Russian Plain. My city is the best and beautiful, there are a lot - a lot of all kinds of stories. In Moscow, Red Square is beautiful it is, next to it is a large shopping center and the Kremlin.  Moscow - the capital of a unified Russian state. In 1712, Peter 1 moved the capital of Russia in St. Petersburg, but Moscow has continued to thrive as a cultural and economic center.In the early 20th century, Moscow became one of the largest centers of monopoly capital in Russia.