Помогите плиз написать сочинение на английском,на тему TIME IS MONEY-Время деньги(15-20 предложений)



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Their wise investment in good thoughts, good books and good friends pays them rich dividends. Using time wisely will ring out the old and false and ring in new and nobler modes of life. It can lead us to the paradise of excellence and satisfaction as is evident from the lives of great men and women who left their “footprints on the sands of Time’. Be they artists, scientists, sportsmen, businessmen or administrators-they excelled in their chosen fields because they realized the value of time. Procrastination, laziness, sluggishness are terms alien to their hearts. They believe in 100% contentment. Thorns of failure, betrayal and losses pricked them at every turning but they did not lose heart and persevered till they got the coveted crown. They are all geniuses of our times-who have an infinite capacity of taking pains at their task to the exclusion of everything else. They did not court success in a ‘sudden flight’ but were toiling upwards in the night’ hammering on the edges of their abilities, on to the bounds of perfection, breaking and bettering their own records until the world acknowledged them as Masters of their trade: They realized very early in their lives that, “If you waste time, time will waste you; if you honour time, time will honour you.

Some people always complain that they have no time to do the things they always wanted to do. The weariness, the fever and the fret, consume all their time money and energy. You will never get time for doing something, you will have to find time; change your priorities and adjust your schedule. All the dreams and plans can be actualized with proper time management because as Gandhiji said: “The days of miracle are not gone. They will abide so long as God abides”. Trials and tribulations form an integral part of life. It is not help but obstacles, not facilities but difficulties that make men. Men have risen to dizzy heights despite the trials and crosses of life. Even the great Sarojini Naidu said, “Behold: I rise to meet the destined spring and scale the stars upon my broken wings” Jawaharlal Nehru advised his brilliant daughter Indira Priyadarshini in a letter, “The individual has it in him to rise above the caprices of fate …. He can, if he so wills, stands four-square to all the winds of heaven and hell. By doing so, he influences and turns the very fate.