Люди помогите пож надо написать рассказ на английском про скульптуру минина и пожарского в москве


Ответы и объяснения


Monument Kozma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, one of the most famous monuments of Moscow. Located on the Red Square, next to Saint Basil's Cathedral. The author of the monument to Minin and Pozharsky Ivan Martos. Minin figure dominates the composition. Forever remembered his rallying gesture. A hand up to throw up, not only calls Pozharsky, it seems to be addressed to all the people, lifts it up to the fight. Manly face though its features like the face of Zeus, but her hair cut in the bracket give it the character of the Russian peasant. Heaton, lined the edge of the pattern, reminiscent of Russian shirt. Vigorously sculpted torso and stride gives the whole figure Minin strength and confidence. Pozharsky, still reeling from the wounds, sitting on the couch. His figure in the ancient garb somewhat indecisive, it is generally less successful Martos, but the basic movement is expressed clearly, he responded to the call Minin. In one hand he holds Pozharsky shield with the Savior, and the other is put to the sword, stretched Minin. As in the engraving, the sword is the center of the composition and binds the two figures, symbolically establishing their unity. Undergone some changes bas front: he was laconic figures became less and interpreted them - expressive. The bas-relief is divided into two parts. On the right - a group of men brings abundant donations, the left - a group of women. Compared to the first version of the group became more expressive. Kneeling woman is not easy given their jewelry, but smooth movement of the hands, as it were lay them on the altar of the Fatherland. Women pose significant and solemn. Antique clothes on them, but Martos introduces and Russian motif, decorated head innovative features.