сочинение на тему how would you describe your country or region and the people who live there


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I live in unkalnoy country. I have all ostraivaet. Russia - the best country! All wanted to change for the better, until I realized the truth itself - the problem in me! Now the world around me is changing for the better! Live by faith - is to believe in yourself! Russia! Just the name of my country, a proud and mighty, and all thanks to the people and not pokorimomu great victories.
Russia is wide as the soul of the Russian people, generous, wise and strong. About Russia felt in his works of poets and writers, the beauty of nature, the vast expanses of how well wake up to the morning birds singing in the village. On the magnificent winter in remote, untouched white snow, trees covered with frost, around white white, like a fairy tale ... It makes you want to go in the boots on the porch in a frost-covered mountain ash thwart thin ice little red berry and fun to put it in his mouth , where it slowly with frost will melt ...