complete the sentences with speak,tell or say in the correkt form.A) 1.Speak louder,please,the teacher asked a student in the English iesson yesterday. 2.He was very sad and....his frend:"Be serious!Dont iaugh at me!" 3.Yesterday the King...,"But how could I get rid of the mike?"4.Last school year the students from the sixth from...good French.5.When we arrived at Sarah s house,her the good news. B)Yesterday all about his summer holidays.He spent them at an English language summer camp."Did you make a lot of new frends?"I asked him."Yes,of course.But I missed my old frends too!"he... ."So now we can...English to each other!"I... .Then I... him about my summer holidays.


Ответы и объяснения


1 speak

2 told

3 said

4 spoke

5 told


6 told

7 said

8 speak

9 said

10 told