Составь подобные предложения в Present? Past и Future Indefinite/ 1. She reads every day. Does she read every day? She doesn't read every day. 2. He wrote a letter yesterday. Did he write a letter yesterday? What did he do yesterday? When did he write a letter? Who wrote a letter yesterday? He didn't write a letter yesterday. 3.They will go to the park on Sunday. Will they go to the park on Sunday? Who will go to the park on Sunday? Where will they go to the par? They will not(won't) go to the park on Sunday.


Ответы и объяснения


1.She goes to school every day. Does she go to school every day? She doesn't go to school every day.  He went to cinema yesterday. Did he go to the cinema? He didn't go to the cinema. 3. They will party all night. Will they party all night? They won't party all night. :)