Составьте пожалуйста 3 предложения утвердительных, 3 вопросительных, 3 отрицательных в прошедшем времени. Спасибо.


Ответы и объяснения


1)I did my homework yesterday. My friend was in USA.  The weather was fine.2)Did you write the letter?  Did you stay at home yesterday? Was your friend at school two days ago? 3)Ididn't like that mouvie. I didn't ask her about you. You didn't understand the situation.

Это в Past Simple


a. Утвердительные

A cat is chasing a bird. The bird seems to be much clever than the cat. The cat is getting upset.


b. Вопросительные

1. Do you like cats?

2. Who is faster cat or turtle?

3. What is the capital of Great Britain?


c. Отрицательные в прошедшем времени

1. I did not know you before.

2. The train did not arrive in time.

3. The cat did not catch the bird.