Вчера был типичный рабочий день для барбары.напишите то,что она сделала или не делала вчера


Ответы и объяснения


Yesterday Barbara got up at 8 am as usual. She fixed her breakfast and drank a cup of coffee. Barbara got to work by underground and was at the office in time. She worked hard till 6 PM, asking the phone, watching trough the bills. She didn't have enough time for chatting with her colleagues, because after the work she had to go for a walk with her dog. When she finally got home, exhausted but in a good mood, her phone rang and her friend invited her to go to caffee. She declined this invitation because she was tired, eat her supper and went to bed.


Yesterday Barbara got up at seven o`clock in the morning. She washed her hands and face, cleaned her teeth and then she had breakfast. After she put on her school uniform and went to school by bus. Barbara did not walk, because she was in a hurry. She had six lessons. After lessons Barbara went home. When she came to her flat she had dinner and did her homework. In the evening she finished her homework and went to a park with her best friend Ann. They talked to each other and laughed a lot. After that Barbara returned to her house. She ate her supper, read a book and went to bed.