Guess whether this information about Moscow State University is true or false.

1. Moscow State University (MSU) is named after Lenin.

2. MSU is about 500 years old.

3. When the university was founded, every commoner had a right to get in.

4.When the university was founded, tuition in it was free.

5. Originally there were only three faculties at MSU.

6. Nowadays one can make an online application to MSU.

7. NSE results are not accepted by MSU.

8. There is a high competition to get into MSU.

9. One has to pass entrance exams to study at MSU.

10. MSU offers special entry conditions to disabled applicants.

11. The MSU student theatre is older than the Bolshoi Theatre.


Ответы и объяснения

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1. false (M.V. Lomonosov)

2. false (in was founded in 1755)

3. true (only peasants (крестьяне) were unable to study there)

4. true

5. true

6. false (I worked at selection committee this year, you can do it either by post or yourself)

7. have no idea, what NSE means there.

8. true

9. true

10. true

11. true (1756 - MSU, 1776 - Bolishoi - wiki information)