C поданых слов написать предложения: 1) your father's job, is, what 2) he, does, the washing-up, do, after supper 3) live, does, where, your friend 4) your family, in, who, the sopping, does 5) you, on weekdays, do, go shopping


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1) What is your father's job?- Кем работает твой отец?

2) Does he do the washing-up after supper? - Моет ли он посуду после ужина?

3) Where does your friend live? - Где живёт твой друг?

4) Who does the shopping in your family? - Кто делает покупки в вашей семье?

5) Do you go shopping on weekends? - Вы ходите за покупками по выходным?


What is your father`s job?

Does he do the washing up after supper?

Where does your friend live?

Who does shopping in your family?

Do you go shopping on weekdays?