Напиши историю.Вставь пропущенные слова.Good morning,Spike.________ __________, Bluebird.What are you doing?We're______________ to the beach.Come on!Look at that______.Help!Look at__________.She's_____into the water!She's a ______swimmer.


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Good morning,Spike.

Good morning, Bluebird.

What are you doing?

We're going to the beach.Come on!

Look at that girl.

Help!Look at her.She's jumping/ diving    into the water!

She's a good   swimmer.


Good morning,Spike.

Good morning, Bluebird.

What are you doing?

We're going to the beach.Come on!

Look at that girl.

Help!Look at her.She's jumping/ diving    into the water!

She's a good   swimmer.

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