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                                     At the Summer Camp


I like to spend summer at the summer camp. Our camp is in the forest near the river. We get up early in the morning, do morning exercises and wash in the river. We have our duties in the camp. We help to cook meals and bring water.

In the afternoon we go to the river to swim and go for a walk in the forest. In the evening we have a camp-fire. We sing songs, dance and play games by the camp-fire. To be in the summer camp is very interesting.



                                              In the Village


Every summer I go to the small village where my grandmother and grandfather live. It is situated not far from Saint Petersburg. My grandparents live in a big wooden house. There is a garden near the house. There is a lot of different fruit and vegetables in the garden.

In the village I play, walk with my friends and ride a bicycle. Sometimes I help my grandmother and grandfather and go fishing. If the weather is good, I sunbathe and swim in the river. If the weather is bad, I stay in the house and read books. I like to spend summer in the village very much.