Помогите, пожалуйста. Очень-очень срочно надо Нам дали вот эти темы: 1) how the population of the world wiil change 2) if people will have enough food, water, oil, etc. 3) how people will travel; where they will live 4) if climate will change and how 5) if there will be any forests and wild animals left 6) if there will be any separate countries and laguages 7) if people will go into space and/ or live under water 8) if pepole will be happy. В общем, надо выбрать две из них и раскрыть тему. Примерно 7-8 предложений должно быть. Кому не трудно, напишите хотя бы на русском предложения, я сама переведу их. Спасибо:)


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№8. it is interesting to know what will  happen if all people in the world become happy. At first, they will smile all the time, so become more beautiful. It will be no reason to do harm to anyone. But soon, i think, people will stop appreciate their happiness. It will become a style of life. And they will never be able to understand this real feeling of happiness.there will be no contrast between bad and good.  (извини, что-то не очень вышло. Ну может подтолкнет на какую-нибудь мысль)