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1. Over the years, this organisation has raised a lot of money for different local charitites.
2. When you see a spider, make sure you don't kill it; I've heard it's a bad luck.
3. The night sky burst with color when the magnificient fireworks display began.
4. Henry really enjoyed the opportunity to experience life as a knight at England's Medieval festival last month.
5. Throwing Mam and Dad a surprise party for their anniversary this year is really a bright idea!
6. We always sing the Christmas carols during the holidays, as it is a strong tradition in my family.
7. Why don't you take part in the cooking contest? I'm sure you'll be the winner!
8. It's amazing how the town residents have transformed the local square into an open-air theatre for next week's music festival.
9. Take a spare change of warm clothes with you on your camping trip; I've heard it gets quite cold in the mountains at night.
10. The children were thrilled to see Disney floats at this year's colorful street parade.


11. Annabel always makes a wish before she blows out the candles on her birthday cake.

12. Bob and Sue always exchange gifts with each other on Christmas Eve.

13. Many people in the US decorate their Christmas trees with popcorn.

14. The Nice Carnival is a winter event which attracts million of festival-goers to France each year.

15. The Tulip Festival takes place every May and is one of Holland's most popular annual events.

16. Please remind me to call Linda tonight.

17. Are Rosie and Sue entering the school's singing competition this year?

18. Everyone at the party made a toast to Lisa and wished her a Happy Birthday.

19. In many countries around the world, people throw streamers and dance in the streets to celebrate New Year's Eve.

20. Don't expect the children to wait patiently for the treasure hunt to begin; they're too exited!