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Hello,my friend!My name...I live in .....My hobbe is computer games.I like is dancing too.I go to shool ....My favourite  subject is English.             How are you?You can come and see.    Bay ,YOU Penfriend,......


Dear Tom,

I'm sorry I couldn't reply straightaway. I was busy with my schoolwork.

I'm only 16 and I can't help relying on my parents now, but most of my friends and I dream to be independent. As soon as I leave school, I'll go to university. If I find a part-time job, I'm ready to leave my family and start living on my own. Of course, it's hard financially to rent a house or an apartment in Russia, especially if you are a student and don't have much money, but I'm prepared for this.

Well, I'm happy to hear you've finally fulfilled your dream – a trip to Scotland! How long were you there? What places did you visit? Did you try on a kilt?

Oh, I have to go now. Mum wants me to do some shopping for her.

Hope to hear from you soon,



 he letter to the friend

Dear Sam,

I`m Kseniya and I live in Stary Oskol in Russia. I`m eight years old and I`m in the second form. I like drawing and studying English. I also go to the swimming pool. My town is very beautiful, but I dream to visit London and to draw a picture of it. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

Kseniya Klimova