Составить 2 ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ! с 2 разными значениями Пример: Book - Booked . Im reading a good book. I booked a room ate hotel. 1) King- kinged 2) Can- can`t 3) Mean- meaned 4) Flat- flated 5) Play- played 6) Train- traiined 7) Ring-ringed


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1-King Arthur was the greatest ruler of England.

 --Playing checkers,i moved to king.

2-I can do everything for you.

 --I will by can of corn.

3-I mean it!!

 --Melody was a mean tempo.

4-I live in the flat N1.

 --I have a flat tire.

5-Pele-the best football player.

  --Kids play the hide and seek.

6-I travel by train.

 --I need the exercise training.

7-I ring you.

 --I lost a ring.

PS:i read the book.

     i will book naw take away)))