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Last summer I lived in Scotland on the farm my grandfather There was very interesting, because the grandfather of many animals There I for the first time in the life of the saw cows and bulls pigs did not like me, but I made friends with three grandfather sheep and sometimes fed them with bread. Not far from the farm was a lake with cold clean water IN the lake was a lot of fish. Once my grandfather and I went on a fishing trip and I had only caught one fish, and the grandfather - six. When we came to the lake, there drank the water deer. One of them was quite small. Every morning I fed geese, hens and chickens. It was my duty. Close to the grandfatherly farm had a big farm, where he worked a lot of men and women. The farmer-our neighbour, a large family. He has three sons and two daughters. Little Peter is very nice. When I left, he had given me a gift of two white mice. Now they live in my home. The following summer I again want to go to Scotland.