помгите пожалуйста,надо получить хорошую оценку,надо написать сочинение,каким должен быть настоящий друг,на АНГЛИЙССКОМ!!! можете продолжить я нашла такого друга,ее зовут Раиля:))напишите пожалуйста без ОШИБОК:)у кого будет без ошибок,поставлю лучшее решение:)))


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Nowadays we live in the world full of different people, with different interests and lifestyles. Sometimes it is really hard to find someone special, someone who you can trust, a person who can keep all your secrets, who loves you just for the reason that you exist. That is what i call a true friend! I was lucky to find such person. Her name is Railya. She is really unique.I know that i can depend on her in any situation, at any time of day or night.When i face difficulties in my life, i know that she would be near me. Because of her the world seems not so cruel(жестокий) to me. We spend a lot of time together: shopping, going to the cinema, making a homework. I wish everybody had a friend as Railya.