Допоможіть срочно написати твір як я провів свої літні канікули !Я НЕ ЗНАЮ ЩО НАПИСАТИ БО Я ПРОВІВ СВОЇ ЛІТНІ КАНІКУЛИ В ДОМА !мінімум як 12 речень


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                                        My summer holidays

 We had summer holidays in June ? July and August.

  In June i was at home. I walked wih my friends every day.

  In July i went to the village to my grandparents. I often swam and walked in the forest. 

   At the beginning of August i went to Schurovo. I was a week there.I swam in the river Seversky Donets? went to the Blu Lakes ? went for a walked in the forest.

At the end August i started to prepare for school. i bought clothesans school supplies.I very like summer holidays.