Помогите, Пожайлуста!!! Вставить вместо пропусков слова приведённые под цифрами.

1.Those cakes ..... fantastic.

A are smelling B smell

2.I ..... about sending her a letter.

A am thinking B think

3.He ..... as Aladdin at the local theatre until the end of the month.

A is appearing B appears

4.Thst dog ..... to be friendly.

A is seeming B seems

5.James and Matilda ..... a house in the country.

A are having B have

6.Are you ..... the show?

A enjoying B enjoy

7.Thst shirt ..... you really well.

A is fitting B fits

8.I ..... cold weather!

A am hating B hate


Ответы и объяснения


1 B

2 A

3 B

4 B

5 B

6 B

7 B

8 B

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