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Presently, when the second went decades of the second millennium, importance of studying of English is very actual. It is connected with general globalization and an English demand as in daily, and business communication with foreign partners or simply foreigners.

The increasing number of people aspire to learn English. Though at present not all give to studying of English of importance. And in vain, after all then it will be deprived of those advantages which are opened to it by the learned language.

Let's consider everything one after another.

So, English is at present a global language of information transfer both in business to the environment, and in daily communication. For example, - you will go on rest to any country. If you know English, you will very quietly order to yourselves a dinner though in your number though for your little table - and won't look now at the menu, as on new gate. The matter is that this language understand everywhere where there are tourists or simply visitors.

As to work if you know English, - to you отктрываются really big prospects устройтсва for work as in the otechestenny large companies, and abroad. If you declare the ability to communicate in this language, it can promise you a position which is well paid. Many corporations and the large enterprises contact to foreign partners - and the experts who are knowing English are necessary to them.

Whether you dreamed to read ever sites in English and to watch TV with English programs, vlegky to listen to audio in English? With training to English your dreams will come true, and you get access to understanding of scientific articles and other articles on your specialty.

You can communicate also with foreigners on household subjects, so, it is easy to get acquainted on the Internet with English-speaking people, to strike up useful acquaintances which will help you with work and your travel. Thus, English actually will improve quality of your life in all spheres.

And, at last, 80 % of all information of a computer network are written down in English.