написать текст рассказ о осени на англиском языке пожалуста помогите написать только сразу с переводом в низу


Ответы и объяснения


We all used to fall as getting used to something mundane. It comes every year after the Summer and quietly disappear, melting into winter. The bustle of life we stop paying attention to it: Fall is the Fall.

But she - LIVE! As a caring mother, she takes care of her children. Someone to cheer, encourage someone, and someone and spank, scold. And it is different. With wet snow, with gold falling leaves, with bright sunshine, a piercing wind and noisy rain. You can not say it is bad or good. She is, she is. And she loves us, even in their own way, but he likes.

I really wanted to look at it through different eyes, talk to her. And one day she said:

- I was born a long time ago and have just can not remember when. No, it's not that I hide my age. Though - here she smiled coyly, leaving me with a pile of yellow, with red veins, patterned leaves, caught wind gust and swirl it in a slow dance - as any woman, and I have my secrets. Parents, I do not remember, and her older sister grew up. Yes, you know it! Her many expect and love, despite its severity and searing icy breath. Even written about it many tales. Snow Queen named her one of your writers. And except the eldest, I have two sisters, the middle - Beauty Summer, and the youngest - ever young Spring. Spring is really a girl, but she really has brought a lot of fans ... But let's not about them - it is a sad sigh, showering me fine cold rain. - Oh, how I would like to see me all the love ... - She closed her eyes dreamily. For a moment, the sky cleared and the bright sun came out. - Being the Queen of the Earth! Well, maybe not all, at least half of the ... And while such an honor awarded to only summer and winter. They - mistress of his possessions, and with the spring we just have to wait in the wings. But one day will come and my time!

Autumn sternly frowned on his beautiful face. From the sky immediately poured heavy rain, and I quickly tried to hide under the nearest tree. Her Majesty said my flight, and, as if apologizing for the fleeting flash of anger, said: