Make up questions to ask for more information. Mind the tenses/ The first question is done for you. 1)Hush! She asked not to come into her room and not to speak loudly.(she\ teach her parrot to speak) 2)Listen! What a funny noise.(Tim/ try to play the guitar) 3)She jogs every morning in any weather. (she/ lose any weight) 4)Mick can't find his dog anywhere.(he/ write an advertisement about the lost dog) 5)The guests will come any minute.(we/ arrange everything for the party) 6)I can't find the cake that Mum made yesterday.(you/ eat the whole of it)


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1. Is she teaching her parrot to speak?

2. Is Tim trying to to play the guitar?

3. Is she losing any weight?

4. Is he going to write an advertisement about the lost dog?

5. Have we arranged everything for the party?

6. Have you eaten the whole of it?