помогите пожалуйста нужно написать сочинение о маме на английском.вроде фантазия есть и много чего могу рассказать ,но грамматически верно предложения на английском не получается составить


Ответы и объяснения


Dearest person in the world - is, of course, Mom. Because my mother always gentle to your child, always attentive. Who knows how much pain and love can accommodate a mother's heart! After all, when a child is sick, my mother always sympathetic, and treats, and even sick with it. And when the children grow up, all their pain adulthood mother shares with them.

Mother accompany us throughout our lives. And even on the verge of death is not worried about myself - for us, her children. The strength of a mother's love overcomes any distance. And where we were not their concern, their prayers keep us from life's troubles.

Mom - this is the man who teaches by example of tenderness and fidelity, love of neighbor.

Girl takes over from mother's, even small habits. A boy learns from it the rules that would later become his life's credo: Respect the elders, not to hurt the weaker learn what special relationship to the woman who will carry through life. They say that even women themselves are choosing boys resemble their mothers.

How many mothers to see off a son or daughter in the road, a long journey, with no hope of ever see, but always waiting on the doorstep. Mother's house - a house where we always welcome.

Mom can forgive anything, even when the law and the people simply can not. And this is also a great strength of maternal love.

A mother's love "is true, neizmenchivaya." And knowing this, we always pay our mothers as much attention as you want? After all, only a mother would love us always and all, under any circumstances.

For a mother to her child - the best in the world. So says the proverb. And this is true. After all, only a mother can see her child as it should and could be. And we children never forget their mothers. Moms deserve our continued attention and understanding, not just cards and flowers during the holidays. We must take care of our mothers. After all, when they are gone, who will protect us?